Archipel des Tuamotu et îles Gambier

L'archipel des Tuamotu est entièrement constitué d'atolls répartis sur plus de 1000 km du nord au sud, parmi lesquels on peut citer de nombreux sites exceptionnels pour la culture des perles comme Ahe, Fakarava, Aratika, Takaroa….
The Gambier Islands, situated further to the South, in the cooler waters, produce pearls that have very specific qualities.
It is at the heart of these two groups of islands that the pearl industry in French Polynesia has developed.
Benefiting from particularly good conditions from a climatic and ecological point of view, pearl cultivation was able to be developed in these lagoons, as they are sheltered from the strong swells that run through the south pacific, and of course of the proliferation of a species of oyster called Pinctada Magaritifera which can be found in all the islands of the archipelago.
However certain islands are particularly well reputed for the cultivation of pearls, for example the islands of Rikitea in the Gambier and Ahe, Takaroa and Fakarava in the Tuamotu Archipelago.

Ces îles disposent désormais d'installations ultra modernes permettant une vie beaucoup plus facile, des liaisons aériennes régulières, des téléphones portables, la télévision par satellite, l'énergie solaire, les télécommunications internationales, Internet, etc.

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La culture de la perle s'est développée dans les archipels des Tuamotu et des Gambier grâce à des conditions de lagons particulièrement favorables.